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Some tips of BIPB-96 in hot summer
Editor:Lisa Tan  Post Time:2011-06-11  Click:

Some tips of BIPB-96 in hot summer
-BIPB-96 may melt a little in hot summer when transport

Dear Customers,
Thanks very much for your trust on our product!
We would like to inform you some situation of BIPB-96 in hot weather.
Summer is coming, and the weather is getting hot. We do not adopt refrigrator when transport. Therefore, some of BIPB will melt and become agglomerate when transport. It is normal and inevitable in hot weather. A little pressure can make the agglomarate become powder again. The melting point of BIPB-96 is 40`C-50`C. This is physical appearance of BIPB. The result of crosslinking is the same. The little melting will not weaken BIPB function in rubber and plastic. When use BIPB-96, please knock the agglomerate into powder by wooden hammer.
Attension: Hammer is wooden one.
Knock it slightly and carefully. Because friction and striking may cause danger to organic peroxide.
If you have any questions, just feel free to tell us.
Hunan Yixiang Chem

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