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Factors affecting the degree of mastication of raw rubber
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The degree of mastication of raw rubber is mainly based on a variety of processes, and products requirements for the plastic compound. The plasticity of raw rubber is related to the difficulty of the products’ manufacturing process, impacts directly on physical mechanical properties and products use properties. Thus, the plasticity of raw rubber could be considered as the main quality standards of the plastic compound, also as the process standards to determine the degree of mastication of raw rubber. In practice, the mastication fot raw rubber should be appropriate. If the processing is satisfied, it is advised to avoid making excessive mastication.

When determining the degree of mastication of raw rubber, the munufacturer should take into account the raw rubber with initial plasticity. The raw rubber have different plasticity sizes. According to its initial size plasticity, it can determine whether mastication or not, and its mastication extent. For example, soft styrene-butadiene rubber, soft NBR and the standard plastic with constant viscosity or low viscosity. Their viscosity is below 60 and plasticity is large. Therefore, the raw rubber does not require mastication, or need a slight mastication.




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