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The combined use of rubber
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The combined use of rubber generally refers to a kind of rubber as the main body in which the incorporation of another rubber  or plastic.

The combined use of rubber  usually has the following purposes.

 (A) to enhance and improve the physical and chemical properties of rubber  products
Diene rubber  conbining with Chlorosulfonated polydiene rubber  could improve heat resistance and aging resistance; Natural rubber  conbining butadiene rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber  could improve the wear resistance.

 (B) to improve the performance of rubber  processing technology.
The process performance of the synthetic rubber  is generally poor, especially for the synthetic rubber  with high saturation. Therefore, the processing performance of non-vulcanized rubber  could be improved by adding natural rubber  or resin. For example, styrene-butadiene rubber  with 5-20 low pressure polyethylene can reduce the contraction rate of the styrene-butadiene rubber . The addition to the phenolic resin in the ethylene propylene rubber  can improve their adhesion.

 (C) to reduce the cost of rubber products
Some rubber has excellent properties, but the price is more expensive. The cost could be reduced if the rubber is mixed with some cheap resin. For example, NBR is mixed with polyvinyl chloride. And natural rubber is mixed with synthetic rubber.

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