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The importance of vulcanization process in the production of rubber products
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Vulcanization means that the process where the rubber with plasticity transforms to elastic curing rubber. Vulcanization is founded in 1839. During that time, the vulcanization means the interaction between sulfur and rubber. Laterly, besides the sulfur, there are many chemicals which also can make rubber to vulcanize. The essence of the rubber vulcanization process are as followings. In the chemical or physical factors’ interaction, the rubber molecular chains produce the chemical crosslinking results, forming into the spatial network structure. Therefore, the vulcanization now refers to the crosslinking process between many chemicals, including sulfur and rubber.

Vulcanization is the last process where rubber products manufacturing process. During the process, the rubber undergoes a complex series of chemical changes. Which will make plastic rubber transform into flexible rubber or rigid rubber, thereby obtaining better mechanical properties and chemical properties. So, the rubber materials would be more valuable. Product quality and service life is largely dependent on the curing process.

Therefore, vulcanization process have great significance for rubber and products’ manufacturing and application.

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