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thermoplastic and segmented mastication
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When the temperature rises, the raw rubber shows a certain degree of plasticity for softening. But this plasticity is unstable and reversible when the temperature drops. it will disappear when the temperature decreases. This plasticity is often referred to as thermal plastic refining or false plasticity.

During rolling, the rubber is usually hot refining. One of its aims is to improve the hot plasticity of the rubber, making it easy to rolling pressure out. It is noticed to obtain the true plasticity during mastication. As mastication is undergone in low temperature region, the temperature rises and the compound softens, the forces affecting on the rubber molecular chains by mechanical decrease, thus creating a thermoplastic.

Hence, the temperature should be low during the mill mastication. And the mastication time should be short and not more than 20 minutes. So the temperature of the raw rubber increase with mastication time. Therefore, when the raw rubber obtains a greater plasticity, it is better to take the segment mastication. The segment mastication means that the mastication process is divided into several segments. Each mastication epigenetic plastic needs to be fully cooling (4-8 hours), which can get higher mastication effects.

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