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Blooming is collectively referred to as a one or more of complexing agents emitting semi-finished or finished products on the surface of the rubber, and forming the phenomenon of a similar white frost on the surface. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the use of one or more chelating agents are excessive, or agents weighing is incorrect; insufficient mastication plasticity; mixing inadequate or uneven and so on. The solubility of sulfur, accelerator, antioxidant, paraffin, stearic acid, softeners, fillers will be emitted in the rubber surface of the plastic material in the normal temperature. These phenomenon arecommonly referred to as the blooming. Moreover, the high temperature of semi-finished rubber mixing process, and the less sulfur products of vulcanization perhaps cause bloom.

The reason of the blooming is very complex. To sum up, the substantive reason is that the solubility in the rubber at room temperature.

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