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reasons and purposes of rubber mastication
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The rubber has good flexibility, but this valuable performance also bring some difficulties for product production. Without reducing the elasticity of raw rubber, most of the machinery energy can be consumed on the elastic deformation. The rubber processing technology have certain requirements for the plasticity of raw rubber. For example, mixing generally requires about 60 of Mooney viscosity. Otherwise, there is no smooth operation. Some raw rubber is very hard with high viscosity.

In order to meet the process requirements, it must be masticated. Rubber temporarily loses its elasticity, and become soft, malleable plastic compound. It can be said that the mastication of raw rubber is the basis of other processes.

The aims of raw rubber mastication are as followings. The raw rubber obtains a certain degree of plasticity, suitable for mixing, rolling, extrusion, molding, curing and processing requirements of glue, sponge rubber manufacturing process.


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