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Successful cases

Hunan Yixiang chem. cooperates with Baosheng Group
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     In the past 23 years, by adhering to its enterprise spirit of 'Strive for excellence depending upon united efforts and painstaking handwork', Baosheng was growing up from a 'toddling baby' company to one of the top 500 enterprises of China. With the famous brand, superior quality and excellent enterprise culture, we have created an enterprise image of being the leader in the wire & cable industry, and our group has ever undertaken many national key image projects, such as National Airport, National Stadium of Beijing Olympic Games (also known as Bird's Nest), Three Gorges Project, Qingzang Railroad. In 2007, the production and sales amount of Baosheng Group reached 8,012 billion RMB. Baosheng, is proudly striding toward its goal of turning into a big group with more than 10 billion RMB assets.
     Facing the fierce market competition, how to maintain our present achievement and to create the glory of becoming an enterprise with a history of more than 100 years In front of the various challenges, we have creatively proposed and implemented the great five innovative strategies, namely, 'marketing, science & technology, talents, brand and capital', which makes Baosheng blast off to success. Through cooperating with the world largest cable manufacturer, we have realized our expansion depending on the so-called 'power-power cooperation'; Baosheng strode across the difficulties one after another and finally achieved a great success, which got the honors of being 'Well-known Trademark of China', 'Name-brand Product of China', 'National Inspection-free Product', and its A stock was successfully listed on the market. Why Baosheng can achieve such a great success in these years The reason lies in its lasting core competitive strength—'innovation' culture. Whatever can create new value is worthy to be called innovation, and is qualified to undertake the responsibility of being the 'culture' of one enterprise. During the development in the past years, Baosheng gradually formed the excellent enterprise culture with its own characteristics while it created large material wealth for society, and our enterprise culture is being updated and completed continuously in the process of development.
     Baosheng is doomed to belong to 'market' since the very day of its birth, and just this inherent characteristic leads to the success of Baosheng. We are all along taking the market commanding summit as our target and proposed the 'innovative marketing', which is composed of some new concepts such as 'brand marketing', 'expert marketing'. What is worthy to be mentioned is the idea that 'turn the technicians into salesmen', which is just like a sharp blade of the market to conquer all the difficulties emerging during sales.
     Through launching the autonomous science and technology innovation with painstaking effort, Baosheng becomes the only home enterprise among the cable industry which owns both the national enterprise technical center and post-doctorate academic research work station. In addition, Baosheng also established Jiangsu Wire & Cable Engineering Technology Research Center. In this way, Baosheng gradually constructed the comparatively complete enterprise autonomous innovation system and formed a series of enterprise self-owned core manufacturing technologies.
By consistently sticking to implementing the talent innovation strategy of 'introduce, borrow, hire and train', Baosheng formed a staff consisting of science and technology management talents which has the characteristics of 'good quality, reasonable structure and dedication to work'.
     Baosheng fosters its enterprise expansion strength by taking capital innovation as the breakthrough. In recent years, Baosheng has made effective and fruitful cooperation in the fields of technology, brand and market with a lot of prestigious foreign companies, such as Pirelli (Italy), ABB, AEI (Britain), Lowara (Italy), which makes solid foundation for the implementation of its internationalization strategy. In August, 2004, Baosheng Cable was published and listed on the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange. In August, 2005, Baosheng Group founded and established Baosheng Electric Co., Ltd, which is going to enter the sequence of being listed on the market. In August, 2007, Baosheng Group established Yangzhou Baosheng Ilaikete Iron Core?Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with the joint effort of Lowara (a Company from Italy).
Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, and it is also the inexhaustible impetus to drive an enterprise to realize its sustainable development. Looking into the future, Baosheng Group will continually endeavor to carry out its 'innovation' strategy and will turn innovation into a type of culture. In this way, Baosheng will make great effort to construct 'harmonious Baosheng, honest Baosheng, brand Baosheng and cultural Baosheng', will innovate consistently by aiming at accelerating the speed to foster an enterprise group with more than 10 billion RMB assets, to realize the dream of achieving a 'Centennial Baosheng' and to create the world renowned brand. Baosheng will endeavor to become the excellent electric power and information engineering solution provider.
     By Xia Licheng, national model worker, the chairman of the board and general secretary of the party committee of Baosheng Group.

     Hunan Yixiang Chem supplies BIPB,TAIC and other crosslinking agents for rubbers and plastics to Baosheng Group Company Limited for a long term. We have a good reputation for our adequate supply, good and steady quality.

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