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Crosslink agent TBCP

Crosslink agent TBCP

Product Description:

Product name: FARIDA TBCP,Crosslink agent,Vulcanizing agent,Curing agent
Chemical name: Tert-butyl cumyl peroxide
Formula: C13H20O2
Cas    N0: 3457-61-2
Molecular Weight: 208.3
Chemical Structure:  
Usage: This product is mainly used as sulfuration in producing rubber, it has good safety when burning. The sage use temperature is 135'C, and the sulfuration temperature is 175'C.
Safety date:

Dangerous temperature 75'C
Commendatory save temperature Ts max 400C; Ts min 10'C
UN-N0 3105

Half life date: 10hr.Halflife temp 117'C
1 hr.Halflife temp 146'C
1min.Halflife temp 169'C
Properties: Appearance liquid
Density(d 240) 0.94
Melting point -3'C
Theoretical active oxygen 7.68%
Package: The standard packaging is a 20kg HDPE pack, we can also meet the client's needs, client may bring forward the requestwhen ordering goods.The Transport ofTBCP must meets the following items: IM05.2 UN N0 3105 D-Liquid-Organic-Peroxide PG lI.
Appearance Clear liquid
Assay 94-96%
Hydroperoxides as TBCP ≤0.5%
Moisture 0.05% Max
Storage: 1.Must strictly reserved in the prescriptive temperature is above the dangerous temperature, otherwise will cause fire,
2.Fire is forbidden, far from heat, prevent from static, don't save in light, keeping good aeration,
3.Separately reserve if the amount islarge, the product is strictly prohibit contacting red u cer, rust, dust, heavy metal ion, acid, alkali etc.
4.Avoid bumping and rubbing.