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Curing agent DHBP

Curing agent DHBP

Product Description:

Common name: Crosslinking agent 101,Curing agent 101,DHBP,Rubber additives 101, Bridging agents 101,Accelerating agent 101
Chemical name: 2,5-bis(tert-butylperoxy)-2.5-dimethylhexane
Formula: C16H34O4
Molecular Weight: 290
Cas    N0: 78-63-7
Chemical Structure:  
Usage: Used as curing agent for silica rubbers, polyurethane rubbers, ethylenepropylene rubbers and other kinds of rubbers, as well as crosslinking agent for polyethylene and curing agent for unsaturated polyether.
Compared with Di-tert-butyl peroxide and DCP, DHBP is less volatile and more stable. It is a very effective high temperature curing agent for vinylsiloxane rubbers with higher tensile strength and lower tensile stretch.
Half-Iife data: Activation energy 36.0 kcal/mol
lOhr.Half Life Temp. 115'C
1hr.Half Life Temp. 134'C
1min.Half Life Temp. 192'C
Safety data: Flash point 36'C
Tem 75'C
UN-N0 3105
CN-N0 52005
Package and storage:

Packed in PE drums. N.W.:25kg.
Stored below 38'C.
Keep away from direct sunlight, Strong acids, reductive agents and violent shaking during transportation or storage.

Quality indicators:
Products Appearance Content% Carrier Color hazen Meltingpoint'C Fe
FARIDA DHBP Yellowish liquid   ≥92  / Max.90  ≥8'C Max.3ppm
FARIDA DHBP 50A White powder  49-51 Si02(49-51)  /  /  /
FARIDA DHBP 50B White powder  49-51


 /  /  /
FARIDA DHBP 40A White powder  39-41 Si02(59-61)  /  /  /
FARIDA DHBP 40B White powder  39-41 Si02(29-31)
 /  /  /