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TMCH-335(Curing agent TMCH)

TMCH-335(Curing agent TMCH)

Product Description:

Common name: 335,Crosslinking agent TMCH,Curing agent TMCH,Rubber additives TMCH, Bridging agents TMCH
Chemical name: l,1-bis(t-butyl peroxy)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Formula: C17H34O4
Molecular Weight: 302.5
Cas    N0: 6731-36-8
Chemical structure:  
Solubility: Soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, esters, ethers, olefins
etc; Insoluble in water.
Usage: This product is low volatility, yellowish liquid, ketone peroxide.
Used as Initiator for polymerization of styrene, crosslinking agent
for polyethylene and elastomers, heat curing agent for unsaturated
polyester, silicone rubber etc.
Safety data: Flash poin 46 'C
Tem 55'C
UN-N0 3103
CN-N0 52011
Half-Iife data: Activation Energy 35.5 kcal/mol
10hr.Half Life Temp 92'C
1hr.Half Life Temp 112'C
1min.Half Life Temp 155'C
Properties: Density ~ 0.9
Active oxygen content 10.58%
Diluents lso dodecane / mineral/ ethyl benzene
Package and storage:

TMCH-335A: packed in PE drums. N.W.:25kg
TMCH-335B: packed in cartons. N.W.:20kg
Keep away from direct sunbeam, strong acides, reductive agents and violent shaking during transportation or Storage.
Stored below 25'C with good ventilation.

Extended products:
Apperance yellowish liquid white powder
Active content% 88-90 39-41 
Carrier  / Si02(29-31)
Melting point -40'C  /
Color Max.60 Hazen  /
Fe Max.3ppm Max.3ppm