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Crosslink agent DCBP

Crosslink agent DCBP

Product Description:

Product Name: FARIDA DCBP,Initiator,vulcanizator,Crosslink agent DCBP
Chemical name: Bis(2,4-dichloro benzoyl)peroxide
Formula: C14H6O4Cl4
Molecular Weight: 380.10
Cas    N0: 133-14-2
Chemical structure:  
Solubility: Soluble in aromatic solvents.Insoluble in water, ethanol etc.
Usage: DCBP is a white to yellowish viscous paste, diacyl peroxide.
Curing agent for extruding silicone rubber.
Safety data: Heat decomposition temperature 6'C
UN-No 3106
CN-No 52048
Half-Iife data:

Activation energy 28.1 kcal/mol
10hr.Half life temp 37'C
1hr.Half life temp 55'C
1min.Half life temp 112'C

Properties: Density Approx.l
Active oxygen content 4.21%
Package and storage: 20kg net,in PE drum.
Below 15'C stored under shadow, good air circulation.
Keep away from direct sunbeam and violent shaking during transportation.
Not permissible to be accompanied with strong acids or reductive agents during storage or shipment.
Appearance White paste
Assay 49 - 52%
Color(hazen) Min.60
Fe Max. 3ppm