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Product Description:

Common Name:

Control-released Fragrance Microcapsules|Control-released Capsules| Daily-use Control-released Capsules|Edible Control-released Capsules| Rubber Fragrance Control-released Capsules.

Product Brand: FARIDA XJ2001

Fragrance Content: 66%
The Core materials keep the fragrance's original propertities. And the capsules are non-toxic resins.


It is difficult to maintain the scent for many products because the fragrance is highly volatile during the process, especially for the liquid fragrance with high volatility. With the help of modern advanced technology, the liquid fragrance could be stored in porous micro-balls, which hardly cracks below 200'C or under the relative high pressue. The scent of fragrance is gradually released through porous membrane of micro-balls. Its released speed could be controlled by the adjustment of porous membrane size.


Mainly used in materials and products which require long-term scent, such as EVA foam, interior wall paint, wallpapers, automotive interiors etc.

Methods of Use: 1. EVA foam materials: mix 1%-2% dosage with EVA foam materials.
2. Interior wall paint: add 1%-3% dosage under the condition of original coating process.
3. other products: when the microcapsules are applied in other products, it should be checked whether it can be added to solid powder. Moreover, the dosage will be confirmed after experiments.
Packing: Packed in carton box with PE bag inside. Net weight is 20kg.
 Stored at normal temperature.
 Nonflammable and Inexplosive.
Quality Standard:
Quality Index Parameter
Appearance: White powder            
Odor: Various scent (customised)
Micro-balls'average diameter:(μm) ≤50
Fragrance Time (normal Temp.) (Months): >24