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Crosslinking agent BIPB

More >>Product Name:Crosslinking agent BIPB

FARIDA BIPB is a curing agent in plastics, a vulcanizing agent in rubber, such as CPE, EPDM, EVA, silicone rubber, butyl-acrylonitrile rubber.As the same crosslinking result, the amount of it's DCP's 2/3, it has advantage of its less odor in processing and the product.
Crosslinking coagent TAIC

More >>Product Name:Crosslinking coagent TAIC

Usage: As a kind of multifunctional alkene monomer with aromatic heterocycle, TAIC is widely used as the corss-linkingagent, modifier and assistant vulcanizer of thermoplastics, ionexchange resin and special rubber. It is also an intermediate (additive) of photocurable coating, photoresists and flame retardant.
Curing agent DHBP

More >>Product Name:Curing agent DHBP

Usage: Used as curing agent of silica rubbers, polyurethane rubbers, ethylene-propylene rubbers and other kinds of rubbers as well as crosslinking agent for polyethylene and curing agent for unsaturated polyether.This product is not so easy to gasify and to give off odor as other products. It is a very effective high temperature curing agent for rubbers which is well tensile strength and lower elongation.
Flame retardant TBC

More >>Product Name:Flame retardant TBC

Usage: As a new flame retardant,TBC provides highly effective on polyolefin, PVC, foaming polyurethane, polyphenyl alkene, ABS, unsaturated polyester, synthetic rubber and fiber.It has such characteristics as low volatility, good mpatibility,durability, light fastness, water fastness and nontoxicity.


Appearance: White powder Odor: Various scent (customised) Micro-balls'average diameter: ≤50μm Fragrance Time (normal Temp.) (Months): >24
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