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Crosslink agent DCBP

More >>Product Name:Crosslink agent DCBP

Usage: DCBP is a white to yellowish viscous paste, diacyl peroxide.Curing agent for extruding silicone rubber.
Crosslink agent BPO

More >>Product Name:Crosslink agent BPO

Usage: BPO is a free flowing granular form with water content. Used as initiator of polymerization in styrene, acrylic resins, and curing agent for unsaturated resin and elastomers.
Crosslink agent TBPB

More >>Product Name:Crosslink agent TBPB

Usage: TBPB is a low volatility, high purity, liquid, aromatic peroxycster, is effe ctive as medium temperature initiator for polymerization of a brad spectrum of monomers, e.g.styrene, ethylene, acrylics. It is also used to cure (copolymerization) unsaturated resins.
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