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Flame retardants HBCD

More >>Product Name:Flame retardants HBCD

Usage: it is a kind of very useful and efficient additive flame retardant agent, which is formed by adding bromine on the basis ofl. 5. 9- trans, cis cyclododecatriene. It is mainly used in EPS, as well as PP plastic and fiber, unsaturated polyester, rubber, terylene, pressure-sensitive rubber etc.
Flame retardant TBC

More >>Product Name:Flame retardant TBC

Usage: As a new flame retardant,TBC provides highly effective on polyolefin, PVC, foaming polyurethane, polyphenyl alkene, ABS, unsaturated polyester, synthetic rubber and fiber.It has such characteristics as low volatility, good mpatibility,durability, light fastness, water fastness and nontoxicity.
Flame retardants OBE

More >>Product Name:Flame retardants OBE

Usage: It is used effective flame retardant of polypropylene, high impact polystyrene and ABS.
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