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More >>Product Name:Perillartine

Odor: with perilla order. Appearance: white crystal. Content (GC): ≥99% Melting point'C: 97-101

More >>Product Name:Perillaldehyde

Odor: with strong perilla odor. Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow greasy liquid. Content (GC): ≥98% Refractive Index(@20'C) 1.509 Relative Density: (@20'C/4'C) 0.967
Strawberry Acid

More >>Product Name:Strawberry Acid

Odor: aroma of strawberry. Appearance: Colorless or pale yellow liquid, anti-form body coagulation in low temperature. Content (GC): ≥99% Refractive Index(@20'C) 1.4557-1.4597 Relative Density: (@20'C/4'C) 0.9812
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